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Learn 10 Tips for Prospecting and Lead Generating at a Real Estate Kiosk

working a real estate kiosk at the mallFor the last 13 years of my real estate business I find so many realtors struggle with prospecting and lead generating a real estate office kiosk at the mall.

Typically I find agents log in and connect with their mobile device, laptop and hope someone will walk up to them and say “hello, I would like to buy a house” or “hi, I want to list my home”.

If it were only that easy!

Are we waiting or are we creating a real estate opportunity at our kiosk?

What do you think is the #1 goal of working a real estate kiosk?

#1 goal is to add to our database names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

#2 goal is closing for a listing or buyer appointment.

Tools to Help You More Effectively Work a Real Estate Kiosk

1. Introduction – I love using humor to engage my audience at the kiosk. I say something like, “are you looking to buy a home or waiting for your spouse to max out the credit card?” Maybe even just try a simple approach like a smile and say hi.
2. Give to Get – Another great tool is to give away a small item like chocolate, note pad or magnet. They are surprised they get something with no expectation of return. They tend to feel like they need to ask you a question or chat in return for your small gift.
3. Engage – Share with your audience “What’s in it for them?” I like to share with people on my laptop access to all the up to minute listings including other company’s inventory. Say “Feel free to let me enter your search criteria and I will show you what is available.” I also offer to set them up on an free auto email listing alert system where any time something fits their criteria they get an email alerting them of the new listing. All you need is their email address : )
4. Educate – I get my audience’s attention by providing items or handouts that builds value to them. I provide pieces like Buyer and Seller Mistakes, How to Sell for More, Preparing Your Home to Sell, Avoiding do it Yourself Disasters and Benefits of Buyer Representation. Again providing something of value other than a business card or real estate publication.
5. Mayor Campaign – Real estate guru Joe Niego developed the best dialog in real estate for a kiosk… the Mayor Campaign. “If you had a friend or family member wanting to buy or sell real estate who do you recommend? The reason I ask is from time to time I send out valuable information like market statistics, home improvement ideas, best buys and more. Would that be something you would be interested in receiving? What is the best place I could send that to? In case I come across a hot tip and need to get a hold of you, what is the best number to reach you at?” Give that a try and report back with a comment on how it works for you.
6. Be Early – It never fails but some of your best leads at the kiosk were the ones already standing there when you arrive a bit early. I always wanted to thank the agent who had the shift prior to me who left early or just didn’t show and leaves me the best leads of my kiosk shift. So kind of them.
7. First Impression – We all have heard of judging a book by the cover. It is the same for us at kiosk. What we wear, how we smile, your breath and your body smell are so important when out in the public eye.
8. Timing is Everything – Don’t try to pounce on people at the kiosk like a wild animal in a cage at the local zoo. Give them space and time and for the love of murphy and on the other extreme don’t ignore them and treat them like a nobody while you surf the web or play poker stars on your laptop.
9. Body Language – Look people in the eye when they are standing around the kiosk. Try not to stand and hide behind the counter, slowly walk and move around the kiosk and try mingling with the crowd like they are at a social gathering.
10. Have fun – Tell a joke. Share a story. Get to know people and who they are, what they do, how they have fun and what’s on their bucket list. Ask them questions and listen… 2 ears and 1 mouth. Double the listening and half the talking. Carnegie says “the world’s greatest conversationalist is someone who says little or nothing.”

The real estate Kiosk is a great opportunity for an agent to be at their best. Face to face.

Focus on building your relationships list and close for the opportunity to meet with them for a buying or selling appointment.

I trust some of these ideas will impact your effectiveness at the real estate kiosk.

Strength and courage,


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Service Magic - Learn Effectiveness at the Real Estate Kiosk

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