What's Your "State" in Real Estate?

Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Do More in Your Real Estate Business?

real estate state of mindOne of my mentors Jared James shared recently about “State” in real estate…

Do you as an agent wake up every day in your real estate business ready to go or just “hum-dee-dum-dum”?

Jared asks the question “what controls your State?”

You do!

What questions are you asking yourself each day in real estate?

Who do you talk to most every day? Simply….. YOU!

Believe it or not you think on average 70,000 thoughts a day. How many of those thoughts are a positive benefit to your real estate business, to your client’s best interest and to achieving your personal and business goals?

Is it time to change your state?

Try to ask yourself different questions…

Instead of asking yourself “how come I can’t do more business?”…

Start asking “how can I create more business? and What can I do differently today to be more productive?

Seek out solutions for your State and stop creating outcomes that limit you!

Perception is reality and some things we perceive to be true are far from the truth.

Someone once said “you will find what it is you are focused on and you will miss everything you don’t look for.”

We all determine what we focus on in real estate.

Most of us focus on the outcomes instead of thinking about and focusing on solutions in our business.

Jared was coaching one of the top 3 agents in Canada for almost a year. Prior to working with this agent his volume year after year was almost the same. He had peaked and couldn’t get to another level.

Jared asked this agent to do one simple thing… it was to get rid of all the listing and sales boards he had posted on his office wall.

In a few months this top producing agent had broken to a completely higher level than ever before.


By simply eliminating these boards he was unable to measure how busy he was. If the boards were full then he thought either slow down, pace myself or just shut it down for a break. The boards were gone, his mind was empty and he just got busy doing the things he always did.

Why not eliminate your own blocks and stay desperate, have urgency and get busy?

Artist Paul Brandt said  “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Just a Few of the Most Common Real Estate Agent Blocks Today

  • Multi Tasking – It is proven your IQ drops 15% in women and 45% in men when multi tasking and not focusing on just one task
  • Social Media – Take a few minutes a day to engage, comment and be nice and then get out of there. Social media can be a massive, unproductive time waster if not controlled.
  • Business vs. Busyness – Everyone in real estate is making the exact amount of money this year they deserve to make.

The number of “blocks” to our State are countless and we all have our own to battle… this is why I don’t focus on trying to list them all but instead encourage you to identify those that hinder your effectiveness and then make the changes necessary to eliminate them for your own best interest personally and professionally.

I hope you take this information and change your State!

Remove your blocks! Seek the solutions!

It is not difficult to make money in real estate it is just different.

Strength and courage,


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What's Your "State" in Real Estate?

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